About Us

Welcome to the internet home of Himalayan Journeys. We are a company incorporated under Nepali law in 1979 to provide travel related services. Himalayan Journeys focuses on provisioning individual and small group tours focusing on the Himalaya: that mammoth mass of land comprising the thousands of peaks, valleys and rivers that form and drain the jagged horizons of rock and ice which stretch 1600 kilometers (1000 miles) from Afghanistan in the west to Myanmar (Burma) in the east. This edition of our website will initially focus on trips to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and northern India. We will be introducing trips to Myanmar and northern Pakistan in 2016.
Within the geographical folds of the mightiest mountain range in the world lie some of the world’s most spectacular mountain sceneries, adrenaline charged rivers which drain those mountains of snow and ice sustain jungles teeming with wildlife and isolate villages dot the hilly landscape populated by a diverse range of people following an equally diverse range of cultures and religions that have been carrying on unchanged, for centuries. Yet, as they maintain their uniqueness the region is fast developing with increased access to services and accessibility along with which the travel experience is also evolving.
It is our aim to take you to these amazing mountain sceneries, teeming jungles, rushing rivers and cities, towns and villages like never before attempted. We want to show these places to you as we would show you our homes. With an insider’s knowledge, bounded by a framework of safety and comfort and with a commitment to the local environment and cultures which sustain our business.
Words and pictures fail to do justice. You must take the trouble to walk along trails that form the highway system of this region and connect the villages, raft the rushing rivers that drain this spectacular scenery and travel to far flung jungle outposts to visit the peoples of a region which when you leave, you will leave a little bit of yourself behind.  So come along with us and let us show you our passion for this region which we call home and which has the potential to move you in ways thought impossible.